“Coat Couture: Elevate Pet Style with Our Essentials.”

Choosing the best grooming products for your dog depends on various factors, including your pet’s specific needs, coat type, and any sensitivities they may have. Here are five popular and highly regarded grooming products for dogs:



Dry Bath Shampoo

A shampoo formulated to give dry bath to your pet. Infused with so many beneficial herbs such as Neem Leaves, Lemon Juice, Lemon grass oil and vitvera extracts. Goodness of these ingredients is what makes this product great and easy to use. A waterless shampoo that not only cleanse coat of your pet thoroughly but also keeps it shiny and healthy for long period of time. Pet life Dry Bath shampoo is safe and effective for dog and cat

Pet Life Organic Dry Bath Shampoo for Chow Chow Dog & Puppy | Dry Waterless Spray Dog Shampoo for A Cleaner, Smoother & Shinier Coat - Made with Natural Actives | for All Dog Breed - 200 Ml


Flea & Tick Nil Neem Powder

Pet life Dog Powder For Ticks and Fleas is an antifungal product to look after skin condition of your dog. Fleas and ticks can relentlessly bite your dog leaving them feeling itchy and irritated. Anti-Flea and Tick dog powder is formulated to safely cleanse your pet’s coat, while killing these critters and preventing them from returning. It is important to treat the infested areas as soon as possible to stop the flea life cycle. Our Dog Powder For Ticks and Fleas


Dog Hair Toner Spray

Pet Life hair toner with moisturizing properties, adds shine and luster to the coat leaving your dog smelling fresh and clean. The free-flowing and smooth consistency is easier to work through the coat and washes out easily. If you are looking for one point of solution to enhance the quality of your dog’s hair. We got you covered from all points. This amazing hair toner will provide essential nutrients to your pets and in result they will get lustrous coat. U



Organic Dog Hair Toner Spray for Reduce Hair Fall, Shedding, Anti Fungal, Detangled Hair


Ultra-Moisturising Pet Conditioner

We all know shampoo with harmful chemical can cause long term serious coat related issues to our pets. That’s the last thing any of us wants to ever imagine. Dry skin or a damaged coat can lead to itching and irritation, making your pet truly uncomfortable. We have created this amazing Ayurvedic Moisturizing conditioner for your pet. Made with natural ingredients such as aloe Vera, Fungi seeds, Lemon juice this conditioner will not only keep their skin naturally moist but will also keep their coat shiny and healthy.

Pet Life Organic Ultra Moisturising Dog Conditioner for Bulldog Dog & Puppy | Shiny & Healthy Coat | Silky, Soft & Smooth Hair Suitable for All Type of Dog & Puppy, Paraben Free – 200 ml

Skin Toner Spray for Dog

Pet Life Skin toner is a complete package for the skin health and overall wellness of dogs and puppies. Special ‘active’ from rose water and alum augment skin conditioning and nourishment. Multiple natural ingredients composite provide prolonged relief from skin irritation, itching, dandruff and achieve perceptible reduction in the hair fall. Contains Aloe vera extracts and liquorice ext. – these herbs have incredible healing benefits that provide

Pet Life Pure Organic Skin Toner Spray Help to minimize Allergy, Redness, Itchiness, Fungal Infection, Restores Skin Health & Moisture for All Cat Breed


Luxury Neem Soap for Dog’s Clean and Shiny Hair

It’s important for your dog to have coat free from germs and fleas. This maintains their health and well-being uplifted. Luxury neem soap has powered formula of Neem which will kill all the unwanted germs. a soap that heals minor infections along with deep cleaning of coat. That makes hair of your pet clean and shiny.


Antiseptic Freshener Spray for Dog Odour Eliminator

Pet life is a revolution that believes in complete healthy protection for those integral members of your family, whose love for you always remain unconditional. A certified company that celebrates the positive impact of organic goodness in the range of Dog care products. The entire range of Pet life products are pure organic, sulphate free, paraben free and contain no alcohol. Pet life is a one stop address for everything good. Made Cucumber to provide a unique blend of aromatherapy that is mild and pleasing for you and your Dog. Ensure overall manageability and give your Dog that complete well-groomed look.

Antiseptic Freshener Spray for Dog

Remember to choose grooming products that are appropriate for your dog’s specific needs and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe and effective use. If you’re unsure about which products are best for your dog, consult with your veterinarian or a professional groomer for personalized recommendations.


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