About Us

Petlife is a revolution that believes in a complete and healthy protection for those integral members of your family whose love for you always remains unconditional.
Pet life , A certified company that celebrates the positive impact of organic goodness in the range of pet care products.
You can show your immense love to your pets by giving them non-toxic and chemical free products.In Petlife, we want your cute, cuddly and furry babies to stay healthy, energetic and safe from all the diseases and various infections. While designing the products we kept in mind that how sensitive these furry babies are and in return of the love, affection and healing they provide us this is the bare minimum we can do for them.

From last so many years our Pet life team is working constantly to produce products with the maximum benefits of Ayurveda. From west to east everyone knows the importance of Ayurveda and with every passing day it is becoming an integral part of our lifestyle. Our team has industry pioneers members who are working enthusiastically to make sure authenticity and healing values of herbs with natural ingredients reach out to maximum number of people.We take every safety and security measures from farming to packaging to ensure the best products for our customers.

We have done years of researches before making each and every product.The entire range of Petlife products are sulphate free, paraben free and contains no alcohol.Petlife is a one stop address for goodness of nature.