Our Story


We would like to tell all of you how we came up with the idea of creating Pet life, in today’s life we all are celebrating a different bond with our pets, we keep them as family members, and we take care of their needs as they are our kids like taking care of their food, their shampoos, soaps, creams, cleaners, and what not.

But a few years back situation was not the same, we used to love our pets as much we do today however finding the right things for them was not so easy and whatever was available in the market was highly expensive, so being pet lovers we came up with an idea of creating a brand which help you pampering your pets with pocket-friendly and cruelty-free products. As an Ayurvedic brand, we created the products for your pets which help to give them the maximum benefits with no side effects. We want you to take care of your furry babies with all the love in your heart and without any worry about giving them something harmful. Pet life is a revolution that believes in complete and healthy protection for those integral members of your family whose love for you always remains unconditional.

“Pet Life” A certified Brand that celebrates the positive impact of organic goodness in the range of pet care products. You can show your immense love to your pets by giving them organic and chemical-free products. We take every safety and security measure from farming to packaging to ensure the best products for our customers. We have done years of research before making every product. The entire range of Pet life products are sulphate-free, paraben-free, and contain no toxic chemicals. Pet Life is a one-stop address for the goodness of nature.