Anti Ticks & Lice Neem Shampoo



  • Lice
  • Ticks
  • Fleas
  • Mites
  • Micro parasites

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Pet life anti tick Lice shampoo has formulas of all natural and highly potent neem based irritation free formula. Due to the protective and dog coat beneficial properties of the ingredients, veterinarians for flea and tick control often recommend the combination of Neem, Coconut oil and Aloe vera pulp. We enriched our natural dog shampoo formula with Coconut oil, Aloe Vera pulp, Orange juice and Neem leaf extracts. All of them are natural repellent of parasites. It’s your perfect flea & tick repellent shampoo to treat your canine friend. Although certain ticks can be around all year, summer is traditionally known as the tick season. Our shampoo is formulated not only to cure tick infestation on dogs but also prevents them. Prevention is always better than cure. This amazing shampoo is available with the 200 ml and 500 ml Packaging.

  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE FOR TICKS, FLEAS, AND MITES & LICE: Pet life anti tick and Lice shampoo is an effective solution for Tick, Lice, Fleas and Mites. This breaks the cycle of these unhealthy micro germs from skin of your pets. An ideal solution, especially concocted for your pet to get rid of the bloodsuckers.

  • ENHANCED FORMULA OF NEEM & ORANGE JUICE: Developed using plant based ingredients like the extracts of Aloe Vera, Orange Juice, Neem leaf extracts and coconut oil helps in controlling and breaking the lifecycle of ticks, fleas, mites and Lice.

  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE FOR ALL PETS: Pet life anti tick and Lice shampoo is an effective and safe product for Dogs, Puppy, Kitten and Cats – (All breeds). Being an ayurvedic product made with using plant based ingredients is what makes it highly effective for all pets.

  • ORGANIC & AYURVEDIC PET SHAMPOO: Blend of various Herbs with Ayurvedic methods, Pet Life Anti tick Lice shampoo is an excellent Organic and Ayurvedic Product. Being an Ayurvedic product is what makes this product effective and safe to use.

  • HOW TO USE: Wet the coat with water. Apply shampoo to form rich lather massage gently starting from shoulders and moving to the tail, apply on feet, legs and tail. Leave for 3-5 minutes, rinse thoroughly. Use this shampoo twice a week for maximum benefits.

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How to Use

  • Wet the coat with water.
  • Apply shampoo to form rich lather massage gently starting from shoulders and moving to the tail.
  • Apply on feet, legs and tail.
  • Ingredients

  • Coconut oil works as a natural nourishing agent.
  • Aloe Vera pulp is popular for providing moisture and nourishment.
  • Orange Juice not only gives natural anti oxidants to the skin but also keep pet skin healthy and fresh.
  • Neem Leaf that has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties work exceptionally well and kills unwanted parasites off skin.
  • Features & Benefits

  • Coat cleanser
  • Skin deodorizer
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Repels, controls and breaks cycle of insect parasites
  • Pet friendly aroma
  • Thorough cleansing
  • Non staining formula
  • Kills ticks, fleas, mites and Lice
  • Prevents reproduction of parasites
  • Pet Breeds Type

    Dogs, Puppy Kitten, Cats