Antiseptic Freshner


Pet Life Anti septic freshener is an effective solution for:

  • Coat smell
  • Body bad odor
  • Skin Infection
  • Fleas

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PREMIUM AROMATIC QUALITIES: Pet Life antiseptic freshener animal keeps Cat coat smelling fresh, shiny and soft in between baths. This amazing Freshener is made up of Cucumber extract and smells pleasant.

TREATS SKIN INFECTION: Infused with the neem leaves and reetha extracts. Pet life antiseptic freshener treats skin infection and gives instant relief from ticks and itchiness.

NATURALLY DERIVED INGREDIENTS: Our freshener is made with natural odor neutralizers along with synergistic blend of essential oils, without any harsh chemicals or any other ingredient that might have harmful side effects. It has Cucumber juice, reetha extracts, neem leaves and glycerin is the reason that it is an effective solution.

GENTLE AND SAFE FORMULA: Easy to use product contains no alcohol, phosphates, sulfates, or Paraben. It provides gentle, safe, and effective results. Safe to use for all breeds.

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How to Use

Spray the cucumber freshener all over the body avoiding eyes, Comb the hair of the Cat and leave off.


• Alum works as a natural ailment to sooth the skin. • Reetha extract is useful to heal the sensitive skin and improves hair growth • Cucumber juice helps to soothe the skin irritation • Neem is widely popular for its anti fungal properties.

Features & Benifits

PET LIFE ANTI SEPTIC FRESHENER FOR CAT IS AN EFFECTIVE SOLUTION FOR: • Coat Smell • Body Bad Odor • Skin Infection • Fleas FEATURES • Pleasant Scent • PH Balanced • Cruelty Free • Paraben Free • Herbal Ingredients BENEFITS • Safe Deodorizer • Soothes Skin • Conditions Skin • Detangles Hair • Cat Odor Eliminator • Goodness Of Cucumber And Neem

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