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  • Fungal Issues
  • Germs
  • Skin irritation
  • Dry skin
  • Tangled hair
  • Bacteria
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ANTI BACTERIAL & ANTI FUNGAL: This is an anti-microbial, anti-fungal moisturizing shampoo. Natural actives of Aloe Vera Extracts soothe the coat and skin, reduces skin irritation and inflammation while repelling parasites and other insects from your furry friends. It nourishes and hydrates their coat as well. Blend of Various Herbs serves as a natural Anti-Septic and Anti-Inflammatory aid. It helps relieve pets with skin conditions like rashes, inflammation, itchiness, and fungal infections.

Organic & Ayurvedic Dog Shampoo: A shampoo that you can totally trust when it comes to health of your dog. Infused with the skin nourishment and shining properties of Aloe Vera. Sowa not only provide protein treatment to dog skin but also leaves natural perfume fragrance. This magical shampoo has added formula of Chinese hibiscus to clean dog coat thoroughly.

GOODNESS OF ALOE VERA: Awesome shampoo infused with anti oxidants and anti inflammatory properties of aloe Vera. Anti fungal benefits of Indian dill and Chinese hibiscus helps to keep clean coat of your doggo. So that they stay happy and free from Coat related irritation and agitation.

SHINY AND DETANGLED HAIR: Pet hair needs more care and awareness. Their Hair could be main source of skin related issues if not treated well.  We have brought this amazing product to take care of health of your pet’s coat.  Pet life Ultra moisturizing Hair Conditioner helps to loosen up those tangles and makes it easier to brush your pet. It is the perfect detangling you can brush your pet without working out with the knots to save you the time and frustration. Plus they will get shiny and healthy coat.

ORGANIC & AYURVEDIC PET CONDITIONER: Blend of various Herbs with Ayurvedic mixing methods, Pet Life Ultra moisturizing conditioner is an excellent Organic & Ayurvedic Product. Being an Ayurvedic product is what makes this product effective and safe to use.


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How to Use

Wet the coat with water. Gently massage the shampoo into the coat until it forms a rich lather, leave for 5 minutes, and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Take the required quantity of Pet Life Moisturizing Conditioner, Wet the coat with water. Gently massage the Moisturizing conditioner into the coat until it forms lather. Leave for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Soak the water with dry towel. The process of moisturizing be started from front leg and apply up to back leg


• Aloe Vera which is widely popular to provide deep nourishment and healthy coat • Chinese Hibiscus has been used to provide dog friendly Aroma so that your dog stays happy after regular bath. • Indian dill with its protein treatment ensures that after bath your dog coat stay healthy and shiny. • Aloe Vera pulp is popular for providing moisture and nourishment. • Fungi seed provides natural benefits to keep coat healthy and shiny • Lemon juice being a rich source for vitamin c and Anti oxidants is helpful to keep skin healthy.

Features & Benifits

FEATURES • Easy to use • Moisturizer + conditioner • Ayurvedic product • Safe for all breeds • Neutralized PH BENEFITS • Anti Fungal • Anti bacteria • Anti irritation • Moisturizing effects • Full body use.

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