Pet life Phospho Cal syrup is an effective solution for:

  • Anemia
  • Infertility
  • Emaciation
  • Delayed convalescence
  • Shunted growth


There are several problems your pet can face while growing up. Like digestion issues, emaciation where they stay skinny for long time of period, Anemia, infertility, shunted growth and delayed convalescence. It might get weirder with the time. Pet life has phosphor Cal syrup that will give your pet relief from all of these issues. It will promote healthy growth simultaneously. Give right dosage to your pet as per mentioned details or direction of your vet.  Its an ayurvedic medicine made from organically grown herbs. It is safe for all kind and breeds of pets.

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200 ML


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How to Use

• To dogs, cats, rabbits, other pet animals up to 4 kg body weight 2.5 ml, above 4 to15 Kg body weight 5 ml, above 15 to25 Kg body weight 10 ml, above 25 to 50 kg body weight 12 ml, 50 Kg or above body weight 15 ml be given with feed or with ought feed twice a day or as directed by the Veterinarian.


• Samunder shokh, jivanti, satavar, chamomile, podina ext, marua, ashwagandha,sugar and chicken flavor.

Features & Benifits

Features • Ayurvedic Medicine • Safe for all pets and breeds • Made with herbal ingredients • A syrup for growth Benefits • Promoted healthy growth • Effective for Infertility • Effective for Emaciation • Effective for All pets

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