Hair Conditioning Powder


  • Reduces Shedding
  • Detangles Hair
  • Skin Healing
  • Skin Cleaning


ANTI BACTERIAL AND ANTI FUNGAL CONDITIONER: This is an anti-microbial, anti-fungal hair conditioning powders. Natural actives of Lemon fine powder helps soothe the coat and skin, reduces skin irritation and inflammation while repelling parasites and other insects from your furry friends.

SKIN NOURISHMENT FORMULA: The conditioner leaves your pet smelling fresh and clean. With moisturizing properties, PET LIFE AYURVEDIC HAIR CONDITIONING POWDER makes the skin and coat healthy and also adds shine and luster.

AYURVEDIC CONDITIONER: A conditioner powder you can totally trust when it comes to health of your dog. Infused with the skin nourishment and shining properties of Lemon fine powder. Tephrosia purpurea fine powder not only provides healing treatment to dog skin but also leaves natural perfume fragrance. This magical shampoo has added formula of Bakhuchi fine powder to clean dog coat thoroughly.

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE FOR ALL DOG BREEDS: Pet life Ayurvedic hair conditioning powder is suitable to any breed of dog. You need not to worry about health of pup’s coat. This amazing conditioner will keep their coat healthy and shiny.


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How to use

The powder should be dusted liberally over the pet. Rub thoroughly down to the skin. Process of dusting and rubbing should be started from the head and to end on back.Eyes should be avoided .Be sure to include the legs.Use this powder once a day.


• Lemon fine powder is widely popular to nourish skin with its Vitamin C, Pectin and Flavonoids.
• Tephrosia purpurea benefits to keep skin alive and healthy,
• Bakahuchi Powder that is skin healing abilities is often used to treat skin pigmentations.
• Vacha gives a glowing skin and controls various bacterial and fungal skin infections due to its Tikta (bitter) and Tikshna (sharpness) properties.

Pet Breeds

All Dog Breeds

Feature & Benifits

FEATURES Ayurvedic Product Waterless Conditioner Made For All Puppy Breeds Goodness Of Lemon Fine Powder Vegan Product BENEFITS Anti Fungal Anti Bacterial Aromatic Treatment Easy To Use Repairs Damaged Hair Restores Hair Quality Prevents Oil From Leaving The Hair