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DEEP COAT CLEANSING: It’s important for your dog to have coat free from germs and fleas. This maintains their health and well being uplifted. Luxury neem soap has powered formula of Neem which will kill all the unwanted germs.
EFFECTIVE FOR MINOR SKIN INFECTION: a soap that heals minor infections along with deep cleaning of coat. That makes hair of your pet clean and shiny.
VEGAN PRODUCT: We have added Castor oil, Olive oil, and Coconut oil and Neem oil while manufacturing this amazing product. Pet life is a brand that ensures the utmost safety and toxin free products for your pets.
SAFE AND IDEAL FOR ALL DOG BREEDS: Pet Life luxury neem soap is safe and ideal for all dog breeds.


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How to use

Wet the pet thoroughly with water. Apply luxury Neem soap liberally to work up rich lather. Avoid contact with sensitive region, such as eyes. Allow soap to remain in the pet hair for two minutes then rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry with clean towel.


• Neem has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties that keeps the coat free from ticks and fleas • Olive oil gives skin essential vitamin E treatment. • Coconut oil soothes skin and gives essential nourishment • Castor oil promotes the healthy hair.

Features & Benifits

• Luxury Neem Soap
• Vegan Product
• Goodness Of Neem
• PH Balanced
• Safe For All Dog Breeds
• Heals Minor Skin Infections
• Anti Fungal
• Anti Bacterial
• Thorough Cleaning Of Coat
• Supple Coat
• Dog Friendly Aroma
• Healthy And Shiny Hair
• Maintains Body Hygiene