Paw Moisturizing & Softening Cream


  • Dry Paws
  • Cracked Paws
  • Paws Protection
  • Chapped Paws
  • Burnt Paws


We all know importance of healthy paws for our pets. We do have an amazing solution to look after health of your paws. Pet life Paw moisturizing and softening cream. It will provide essential nutrients to your pet’s paws. It Soothes, Heals & Protects dry & rough paws. It provides Itch and inflammation relief. Enriched with Neem & other essential oils, Pet life Paw Cream is a very effective natural application for your dog’s dry paws and crusty nose issue. A safe and soothing cream for harsh weather conditions to protect from hot asphalt roads, monsoon infections and frosty bites during cold weather. Depending on the breed, a dog’s sense of smell can be around 10,000 to 100,000 times better than ours. This paw cream is formulated with your pet’s wellness in mind. It has a mild scent that you and your dog will find pleasant to smell.


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Feature & Benifits

FEATURES Vegan Product Dog Friendly Aroma Paraben Free Sulphate Free Goodness Of Aloe Vera And Neem Leaves Lick Safe BENEFITS All Weather Paw Protection Natural Formula Restores Moisture Heals Cracked Paw Healthy Paws Soothing Protection


Made with the ingredients such as Aloe vera leaves, neem leaves, olive oil, and bees wax. Pet life dog paw moisturizing and softness cream is a product that you can rely on. We have ensured maximum benefits of natural herbs so that your dog will stay healthy and chemical free.

How to use

Apply cream on the paw pads and inside the fingers of the dog massage gently leave off. Use it every day in the morning.

Pet Breed

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